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Located in Montreal, Canada.
Contact: Ian

Ian of Production Pfi, during the year we have developed a network of diverse media and have several sites. Our company is changing, formerly I bought scrips and produced them. We have all the contacts and equipment to make very professional production.

If you already produced a vlog on youtube and as you must know it is not as easy as Google would like to believe.
80% of our site specializes +18 and we like that it changes 50% mainstream would be the ideal
What we offer these networks paralelle, servers, setting up profile and publicize our broadcaster on our network and that of our partner. We also offer proffessional studio for those who do not have all the equipment for Broadcast, Camera, mic, Lighting, computer, DJ table, room, decoration.
We are mainly dealing with the technical side.
Of course I am open to any new idea and nothing is impossible.
Lastly we made a major change on one of the biggest live site in the world. We have created a Celebrity and Category section on LiveJasmin or Camx website.
I invite you to watch https://www.camx.us/en/celebrity/


I was born in Montreal and traveled a lot because of my work 21 days out and 7 at home. Montreal is for me the only city that really includes everything I love. archithecture, the quality of the buildings, the culture, the art the cinema, the Universities even the structure of the cities is unique with the Mount Royal just north of the city center which is also super. The city is an island, the St. Lawrence River to the south (the largest river in the world) for nautic sports enthusiasts and safely, kayak white water, diving, swimming at St. Helene Island. There is also the circuit Gilles Villeneuve Formula 1, Casino and La Ronde amusement park. All this is 10-15 minutes from downtown. There is way too much to list everything, I think a person who would like to settle in Canada should go through Montreal before making this decision. Vancouvert would be my second choice or Calgary for work. For the quality of life, security and its unique character Montreal will always be my city. P.S. Because of its long history Montreal has very little debt, taxes are much cheaper than the majority of large cities. In Montreal the french 50% and 50% english and more in West Montreal, if you make a little effort to learn just what word in french like ” BONJOUR ” the people here speak almost all English so it’s not as difficult to integrate.

Montreal in French from the place

Montreal c quoi qui font labas, Bin Montreal c un Peu comme Busan en Coré, surtout les Québécois, Les seul ou presque Francais de Tout L’amerique nord sud centre.

Ok chu le gars le plus fiert de ca ville au monde, JE VIE SUR UNE ILES qui a la plus grande ville sous teraine au Monde lolll partout il vont ver le haut nous autre on creuse.

Montreal is almost only Creativity, 90% we are proud but don’t say it loud what ever the media you interst in it’s from or a big part from Montreal, mais juste 4 mois par année parce qui fa frette en ostie icitte le reste du temps

Cinema industry

Montreal is a centre of film and television production. The headquarters of Alliance Films and five studios of the Academy Award-winning documentary producer National Film Board of Canada  (Just For Laughs, Just For Laughs GagsMontreal International Jazz FestivalMontreal World Film Festival, and others), which contribute significantly to its economy. It is also home to one of the world’s largest cultural enterprises, the Cirque du Soleil. are Friend  et

nos Dj son exellent mais il sorte pas souvent fak faut sotir pis venir nous voir, une soirée Basic au St-Gabriel pourais vous faire oublier Ibiza le temps d’un soir, ”Nos Dj” je pence qu’il sont asser bien payer a Montreal qu’il fon comme moi: j’en ai asser j’arrette pis je profite.


PS la drog est no1 et asser douce a Montreal, Au Top le Pot (legale) Hash Coke speed E GH , sur la rue dans les Bar pas conseiller.  Faite vous des ami tout monde me connais, Moi je suis de VilleMarie, Le vieux le centre Homa oui le cartier gay haha, chu un specialiste des over dose (une par année) fak je tien a ce que la qualiter sois au top dans mes cartier, pour ma prochaine, la derniere quand chu revenu je dit a la mme, Pouriez vous baissez la lumiere et monter le son cétais plus cool tout a l’heure , elle me dit M” ca fais trois jour que vous être dans le coma, fuck mon chat a pas de bouf . 

Le Crack le crystal l’éro il y en a mais c pas la place.

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Ubisoft Montreal.  Recently, the city has attracted world leading game developers and publishers studios such as EA, Eidos Interactive, BioWare, Artificial Mind and Movement, Strategy First, THQ, Gameloft mainly because of the quality of local specialized labor, and tax credits offered to the corporations. Recently, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros., announced that it would open a video game studio.[155] Relatively new to the video game industry, it will be Warner Bros. first studio opened, not purchased, and will develop games for such Warner Bros. franchises as Batman and other games from their DC Comics

PornHub et Manyvids son aussi de Montreal

What we are Looking for

You’re more influential than you think! Influencers aren’t just social media celebrities. You’re an influencer anytime you recommend a product to someone. Whether you’re an employee, business owner, consultant, blogger or social media guru, live Broadcaster, you can get rewarded talking about xxxi.ca and get amazing income.

What we do

Video production of any kind, case by case, the only question, in fact we do not ask any question, why, for whom, what do you want to do with it … We do not produce TV commercials or movie xxx. So to understand what we are producing, our story always starts with a need to say ” voila ”. With the magic of cinema, the power of suggestion and Fx, we create what is needed. With our network of contact and supplier, there is almost nothing there nobody who is not to wear it. We give you 100% of the production and all rights, guaranteed discretion of the team. What one of our resources: 2 Studio available in Montreal at any time (18000 ft2), several car available (AMG, Porsche, Denali), ( New UAV S1100 pros Octocopter ) oops this one have crash!  mavic, Camera …. coming soon for 2019, server , web hosting and network private.

We have no interested in knowing who you are and our whole concept is meant to reflect that, as we never ask for any personal information.

We are among those who understand that everything is bought, everything is sold and everything has a price.

Down Town Montreal Centre Ville, vue de la Rive Sud
Montreal vue du Belvedere
Montreal Centre Ville, vue du Belvedere Mont Royal
XXXi Montreal fly Over
XXXi Montreal fly Over

Nous sommes de ceux qui ont compris que tout s’achète, tout se vend et tout a un prix.

Endroit a éviter a Montréal: Palais Justice loll

Ne jamais faire a Montréal: Parler contre le français, 99% des Québécois vont parler anglais des qu’il entende un accent étranger.

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