Megan Leanne: St Patrick's Day Fail

So, I took photos in a fancy outfit and was all prepared and then life hit me….like always. Ha!Due to unforeseen events, I was hidden in a dungeon until 530 last night, but I am back.Hopefully I can receive your forgiveness dear fans and we can see each other soon.

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Andi Belle: After Dinner Treat

I’d taken extra care getting ready. Using a suction mirror in the shower to get everything shaved just so. My panties were my favorite; bright pink crotchless. The only thing out of place was a delicate but worn necklace, an old “day collar” that I still wore. The last man I had been with still seemed to have a hold over my mind and body and I was beginning to wonder if any man would ever give me such an intense sexual high again. Tonight’s date was certainly promising. We had been keeping the airwaves and each other hot with pictures and videos but hadn’t gotten any alone time yet.We’d been teasing each other so much, I knew as soon as we got the chance, it was game on. So I wasn’t surprised when, as soon as the door clicked shut, he backed me up against it, pressing his long , muscular frame against me. He kissed me, hard and deep. One hand on my ass, the other hand on my throat. He lifted my chin and tilted my head, his lips and tongue and teeth finding that soft spot at the curve of my neck. His other hand slid down my stomach as he easily unbuttoned my jeans. His hand was cool inside my panties where my body was hot. His fingers knew exactly where to go andÃ,  I moaned as my knees started to buckle. I heard the soft “clink” of his belt as he undid his pants. His hand on my head guided me down on my already weak knees and I caught his cock in my mouth just as he freed it from his trousers. I could taste the pre-cum, slightly sweet. I could feel him going further with each thrust as I relaxed my throat. I tried so hard not to gag but when I did, I heard him breathe “Fuck yes! That feels so good back there!” I licked and sucked, alternating between his cock and balls, and I felt the steel of his scrotum piercings on my chin, the metal was warm from his body heat. He reached down and lifted me to my feet. We kissed, licked, bit, and sucked as we made our way to the couch. He grabbed a plush blanket from a nearby chair and tossed it on the floor. I was on my back and he was over me, teasing my swollen wet pussy with the head of his cock. I wrapped my legs around his hips and tried to pull him into me. He laughed and lightly slapped my face. “Say please…” he told me. I muttered a barely intelligible “please” but he continued to torment me. “Please. Please oh please fuck me!” I begged. Satisfied, he went down on his elbows and entered me. My eyes flew open! His cock was enormous. Although I’d seen and tasted it, I wasn’t prepared for feeling it inside me. He continued to stroke. Long and deep. Stretching my pussy while I moaned and came. We were both sweating at that point and the pheromones mixed in with the slight smell of his cologne was driving me wild. I bucked and raised my hips, matching his thrusts as my hands explored his shoulders, my fingers digging in to the ink that covered much of his body. He stopped and rolled me over. He pulled my hips up and his fingers spread my ass cheeks. His tongue doing soft wet circles as I moaned. He started with one finger, then two. Getting me ready to take his enormous cock in my ass. I felt the tip, pushing and stretching my tight little ass. I tried to pull away but he grabbed my hips and continued to take long, slow strokes in and out of my asshole. I felt my body adjust and I started grinding back into him. He reached down around my waist and found my swollen clit. I had almost lost my mind by now. I heard him say something about my “tight little fuckhole” just as I lost it… cum didn’t just seep out of my pussy, it gushed. I felt it all over my thighs. He was pounding into my ass harder and faster now. Suddenly he pulled out and flipped me over, straddling my chest. I took his nearly purple cock in my mouth just in time to feel the first burst of hot cum on my tongue.Ã,  I took his cock further and got the rest of his load down my throat. I melted onto the floor, exhausted and spent. I remember him smiling as he popped the clasp on my collar, “You don’t need this anymore.” he whispered as I drifted off to sleep.

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