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Valentine Day love you all

Valentine Day love you all
Valentine Day love you all


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Ian of Production Pfi, during the year we have developed a network of diverse media and have several sites. Our company is changing, formerly I bought scrips and produced them. We have all the contacts and equipment to make very professional production.

If you already produced a vlog on youtube and as you must know it is not as easy as Google would like to believe.
80% of our site specializes +18 and we like that it changes 50% mainstream would be the ideal
What we offer these networks paralelle, servers, setting up profile and publicize our broadcaster on our network and that of our partner. We also offer proffessional studio for those who do not have all the equipment for Broadcast, Camera, mic, Lighting, computer, DJ table, room, decoration.
We are mainly dealing with the technical side.
Of course I am open to any new idea and nothing is impossible.
Lastly we made a major change on one of the biggest live site in the world. We have created a Celebrity and Category section on LiveJasmin or Camx website.
I invite you to watch https://www.camx.us/en/celebrity/
An upcoming proget would also be to translate and broadcast North American and European on this network which is in full growth. Currently every Canadian Broadcasting on Afreeca is a HIT See http://www.afreecatv.com/ only probleme is security, they dont offer httpS but is about to change.

Ragazze Sexy
Ragazze Sexy
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Blond 4 Blond

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