Sasha Jordon: 2nd Night

Looks like I have a fan. He followed me on Twitter before I even started putting out my Twitter name. Very polite, says he has no money even though his badge number is huge. But anyway, I mad about 5 times as much than last night. Which isn’t a WHOLE lot, but the fact that it went up by dollar amounts (rather than cents) makes me really excited for the future. Hopefully things will continue to progress! I’m glad I’m having fun on here 🙂

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Sasha Jordon: Newbie

So tonight was my first night camming. Literally just went on in the clothes I was already wearing. Just right away. Things went fairly well for my first time, I think? My highest number of people was 50 which probably isn’t actually good in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a start. I got 2 tips. No private shows though. 1 review. I checked and I only made about $2 :/ really sucks but i’m gonna try not to let that discourage me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I’ll be trying out some new things

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Kat Malone: Free Falling

I am just loving all my new customers everyday!! you are wonderful and make me feel so special thank you guys xoxoxoxo. I feel like i could free fall and just have a bunch of hearts catch me. xoxoxo ~Kat

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Eden Monroe: And My Journey Begins..

Hey guys! I am just now starting my cam modeling journey and really excited to see where it takes me..and where I can take you . I’ve thought about doing this for a while now but always seemed to find some reason or excuse not to follow through. I’m glad I finally grabbed the reins and just went for it..just did my first live show this past weekend! Can’t wait to do more of them and hear all the dirty things you want to see and show me..always loved show and tell! So..let me officially introduce myself..Hey there! I’m Eden! Wanna hang out and chat with me tonight?

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Miss Claudia: Being a Girl

I guess it takes a lot of our time to become a girl to women. For me it was easy I mean it happens so fast I didn’t realize that it.long story short, there are a few things that I wish I knew when I was little. I would have definitely known my dos and don’ts anyway. I think I’ve done pretty good growing up and I do everything so right and perfect especially as a wife and a mother!!

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