Easy to talk to and a good listener 😍 full dedication to you. Dressed up with Class and a touch of Mystery, 💃Feminine traits and power to attract you, an intuitive mind to understand you, and a welcoming personality you will be sure to enjoy! 🤩

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Carisa: Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!My Valentines Day, did start out the way i wanted it to. Unfortunate, a family issue came up all of a sudden this morning. So I have been dealing with it all day.If I am able to get on tis evening, I will. If I cant them will be back tomorrow during the day. I Love all the Love you give me back.xoxo

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Welcome to my room! Do you like what you see?

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I am a sweet and charming woman, I like to dance smile to enjoy my loves♥

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Chasity Cummings: Random Thoughts

I had many things I needed to accomplish today but I find my mind wondering. I have been on line a short time and very intrigued. I love to meet and entertain new and existing friends. Later I plan on getting in one of these rooms and let me hair down, get wild. Who’s coming?

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Cute and sexy. I´m here to make u fall in love, tease your mind but above all, make you feel happy! Classy Curvy Lady, full of love to you. Join my room.

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Roxanne Cannes: Chat Not Working

So my chat is still not working so i cannot see anything you type to me. Tech support has been on it and said it was because i needed to update my computer. After spending 6 hours with Microsoft Tech support remotely working on my computer it still doesn’t work.Now it is the weekend and I need to wait until Monday to talk to tech support again.My willing and loving subs should use Flirt SMS with me. I have all weekend and no way to entertain myself again.

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