Traffic Trade

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Traffic Trade

Traffic Trade 

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You are an influencer

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you are an influencer

I don’t think I am an influencer. I’ve have no experience with sales…
You’re more influential than you think! Influencers aren’t just social media celebrities. You’re an influencer anytime you recommend a product to someone. Whether you’re an employee, business owner, consultant, blogger or social media guru, you can get rewarded talking about amazing games, Video, chating, Tube site and much more.  
People who follow you already trust you and as you know there is a lot of fake page waste and redirect on the internet. When you recommend an honest site of quality to your follower everyone wins, your follower gets what he is looking for. Suddenly you become more than just a beautiful girl or guy. Moreover the site to refer obtains a traffic of very high quality.
With very good reason, many influencers will create a team of fan, moderator or manager to delegate the work overload. Your Team with all the best intentions, will not have the information, your experience and know. Without being directed precisely your team could hurt your medium and long term goals.  Often, YOUR traffic will be redirected to no-goal or worse pages.
Of course if you add a little magic to this, you have just created a BIG BRAND

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