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We add new section to are site and should interest those who are looking to earn a lot of $$$ with hight class and without the xxx as we know it. For Celebrity Dj Cosplay Dancer Fitness …

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Celbrity Cosplay All are site
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Camx Celebrity

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Income – XXX xxxi Porn Cams job Webmaster Affiliate Influencers INCOME calculator internet speed test Hosting Vpn Seo all what you can need.  Here are the sites that I recommend to you 100%, it offers a serious management, a high range service and above all you will pay so after going around and very deep, I could add some more, you can always e-mail me if you have question or list your site.

Cams job Webmaster Affiliate Influencers INCOME calculator internet speed test Hosting Vpn Seo all what you can need

Hello you dream of broadcast on youtube or other, we have all the structure to make all this possible, with or without experience, mainstream (not naked and not sexy) sexy (without nudity but simply sexy and charming) or xxx, popular or not on social network, anyway you will become it. We have more than 25 live site has you to choose, what more person does not know, it is possible to broadcast on several network at the same time and increase considerably your income. Cams job webmaster affiliate income.

We take care of all the technical questions from A to Z It is even possible to do private non-live tests From your home or in our studio We also look for DJs, fitness (yoga or other) Cosplay or Roleplay … Welcome to man and woman from any nationality The easiest way is to communicate directly with me ian or 438-385-6908 Possibilities to gain its unlimited, it is not important to be young or a super model, according to my experience an attitude nice is the secret. For all the other truck of the ”Job” I will guide you since it is my job. If you speak French, English or Korean or other contact me Ian

For Everyone

I am lucky to live in an apartment that includes electricity, internet 1G / bs, 2 computers that serve me little and a server buy on ebay for $ 600, all this work for me 24/7 for Free
MinerGate is the easiest pool to make money, get your computer working when you sleep.

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You can use these banners to help sell as long as you are registered affiliate
You can use these banners to help sell as long as you are registered affiliate Protection Status

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Earn Money with Live webcam sex!
Simply without fail, they offer so much service that it’s easier to visit their site – Earn Money with Live webcam sex!

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The most reactive site, White Label so easy to use 10/10

flirt 4 free models
This is big and well done, for non experience to Pro Développeur Api, Pixel, json…
im Live models
Different, the less i can say, lots of attractive apps like multi cam, client love those.

pornhub mpp
I made Bannière and link to PornHub, it’s not PornHub official it’s only to keep it simple

Influencers Make $$$ whit Instagram FB Twitter …

You’re more influential than you think! Influencers aren’t just social media celebrities. You’re an influencer anytime you recommend a product to someone. Whether you’re an employee, business owner, consultant, blogger or social media guru, you can get rewarded talking about and get amazing income.  Cams job affiliate influencers income

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Affiliate Referrals
Lots of HD VR 4K Videos

⬆︎How much $ can you earn, use this Cool Jasmin tools ⬆︎

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Camspower webmaster – see:
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Flirt 4 free webmaster – see:
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webcamwiz webmaster – see:

Traffic webmaster cams job webmaster affiliate income
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Badoink vr webmaster

PornHub have the look, they offer much more then just Caming and Video Tube, you can sale your vid like ManyVid, get pay for pub like Youtube, producer, model, studio get there part of the Biggest, you just can’t IMAGINE how BIG

pornhub webmaster
I made Bannière and link to PornHub, it’s not PornHub official it’s only to keep it simple
PornHub Vpn for your security

And some more why not

verotel webmaster
A couples of days ago during a buy, i almost cancel cause the seller only accept Western Union

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WebMaster ⬆︎ – Free Game xxx webmaster reference, the easy way to create a long time client and small but regular sale

Ian of Production Pfi, during the year we have developed a network of diverse media and have several sites. Our company is changing, formerly I bought scrips and produced them. We have all the contacts and equipment to make very professional production.

If you already produced a vlog on youtube and as you must know it is not as easy as Google would like to believe.
80% of our site specializes +18 and we like that it changes 50% mainstream would be the ideal
What we offer these networks paralelle, servers, setting up profile and publicize our broadcaster on our network and that of our partner. We also offer proffessional studio for those who do not have all the equipment for Broadcast, Camera, mic, Lighting, computer, DJ table, room, decoration.
We are mainly dealing with the technical side.
Of course I am open to any new idea and nothing is impossible.
Lastly we made a major change on one of the biggest live site in the world. We have created a Celebrity and Category section on LiveJasmin or Camx website.
I invite you to watch
An upcoming proget would also be to translate and broadcast North American and European on this network which is in full growth. Currently every Canadian Broadcasting on Afreeca is a HIT See only probleme is security, they dont offer httpS but is about to change.


The only thing you have to keep in mind is the more hours you made the more you get is that simple.

Please take a special care WEBCAM LIGHTING SETUP

Modele dont have Problem whit $ you dont have to be cute, young or slim … Be nice, talk whit guys, be in a good mood and attentive, do not make a promise that you will not be able to hold and do not abuse guys who are new to this kind of site.  You will understand why fast $ and it avoids needing having room of 5000 viewer and more every day (it’s not a bad thing but).

If you have the chance to know a good webmaster LIKE ME it’s easy for you, I recognize and I know habit of those good guys hoo can make your day and will let you know ”live”, no coding, profil, Post Production, video editing, for you to make.

You get some one having all and only interest in your income and not asking 24/7 for extra attention like some ”King moderateur” and i cost you absolutely nothing, Cam site will be happy to pay me. The more you make the more i get. Dont forget too use one of those ⬆︎ link  on BEFORE you sing up as Model.

Or Contact me i will be happy to talk whit you and you’ll be reassured to see that I’m not a fucking retard loll but just a French Canadian learning english the hard way.  cams job webmaster affiliate income


If you want $ Faster $ start Go with Pay Per Signup /.  Average PPS are 35$ / Average sale is 50$ RevShare is 30%-50% / Model Ref 5%-10%  for Life or 12m / Webmaster Ref 5%-10% for Life / Bonus are from 25$ PPS to 200$ for a Ref. You get payment wen you have at less 100$ +/- and pay every 2 weeks.

If like me you Go with WhiteLabel Site, Hope you, you are not waiting for that $ to eat, the first year i made -200$ advise read well condition wen you signup, by chance i was already in similar business, if you have been good all your life?! Maybe some Popular girl on social media will give you a very good start, lots of those girl dont know the value of web traffic and how much they loose every day.

Some have been scam, steal and even worst by some fucker, remember to be nice whit all girls what ever they say or do. They can raise an army in 10 Min, if you loose patience fast forget about all this.

Some example of best reference pay:

-$35 – $50 Per Signup

20-70% RevShare for life

 $150 webmaster referral bonus / 5-36% for Life

$75 Extra Bonus!

Dont forget too past by one of those ⬆︎ link  on before you sing up, you will get a bite more, we can share Backlink and comment, they give me some 5% for Ref and Site have more to loose ”you and me” if if they are not 100% honest, i’m already in business whit all the link i share and can insure you they are the best.

Join us as a newcomer webmaster now and receive $150 Sign Up Bonus!
Join us as a newcomer webmaster now and receive $150 Sign Up Bonus!


I have more site xxx Game Hentai… Contact me if you are looking for something special i like that.
Hosting XXXi

cams job webmaster affiliate income


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