do it like a frog

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Sister best days off her Life
Sister best days off her Life Lolll


Hey Sis, look at my Frog and learn. Don’t be stupid do it like a Frog


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Lauren January: Gym Today

OMG it was the hardest thing today, Just did not feel like going today so I had to force myself and when I got there it really wasn’t that bad. I did the step climber today for my cardio, yesterday I did weights so I change them up.I DO NOT wear the skin tight booty shorts and tank that lets my big tits hang out the side. SIDEBOOB!!. I wear kinda baggy stuff with my headset on so the creey guys don’t come by, some of them are relentless. I tell them that i”m not really into guys, I like the girls better but that seems to make them even more interested. I do like guys too don’t get me wrong, sometimes both at the same time. MMM.Anyway I done at the gym, WOOHOO

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