Linda Lime: Love

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The human heart is a musical instrument, it contains great music. She is sleeping, but she is here, waiting for the right moment to ignite, to be expressed, to be sung, to be danced. And this moment arises through love. Without love, a person will never know what kind of music he carried in his heart.

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Tayylor Starr: All About Tayy and All of Your Questions….answered :)

Tayylor Starr: All About Tayy and All of Your Questions....answered :) 2 XXX xxxi Porn

Awww, the most frequent asked question that I have received in my short time on Flirt4Free. What made me want to be a cam model? EVERYTHING! This might sound “self-centered” but you will learn that I am a very honest, and straight forward girl. I love being the center of attention, eyes on me, and being the show. I have always been like this even going wayyyy back when I was a little girl. I love people and by people I mean everyone! I am probably the most social person you will ever meet. A big factor that interested me in looking into being a cam model was the principle of “Personally pleasing somebody while also building a relationship/bond”. Lastly, the biggest reason is being on camera with all eyes on me. I am the picture/ selfie QUEEN! I love being on camera and always have and honestly think that I always will. I am a strong believer in taking pictures/videos of anything that I will want to look back on and always remember and that consists of special moments, friends, family, laughs, etc. I mean I can be over the top with it, literally! Lol. My boyfriend and I could be doing something irrelevant and if we start laughing together or something funny happens, I grab my phone immediately and record because I want to have a piece of that laugh filled moment forever. As you probably already noticed, I also love to Again, I love talking and being social. Anyways, back to the point… I love being on camera! When I first started looking into camming just the thought of being on camera and being watched by multiple people made me excited… if you know what I mean;) The number one thing that made me start my camming journey was the fact that I was given the amazing opportunity to interact and build relationships with a variety of different types of people from all over the world… literally! I mean lets be honest, what could be better than having hundreds of people watching you and being able to interact and learn about them all while building a relationship that has the possibility of developing into a friendship? If you are a social and friendly person like me, nothings better than that. Now that you know my reasons and the explanation behind them, lets get to the camming part….the fun part! The first time I went live on Flirt4Free I was surprisingly nervous. Weird right? If you have watched my shows you already know that I am very comfortable and not a shy person WHAT-SO-EVER. But yes, Tayy was I didnt want to disappoint anybody and I wanted to provide everybody with what they wanted and exceed their expectations. I honestly found myself forming into a character that was cute, sweet, playful, and was seeming to be pleasing my customers but there was something HUGE that I felt that was holding me back. That character wasn’t ME! I wanted to stay true to myself and actually enjoy my time on camera with my customers. How are you supposed to build a bond and a relationship with your customers if they are not getting 100% the true you? You cant. You can create a character who is completely different from yourself but still BE YOURSELF. How can you provide quality service being uncomfortable and putting all of your energy into hiding your beautiful personality? You cant. So with that being said.. after my first show I did research and read countless blogs on the “art” of camming and the character you create. Before I went live for 2nd time, I decided to get my shit together so that I could provide a service that I would want to receive, and so that I could be successful in this. I literally live by the saying “if you are going to do something, put 100% in and do it right.” Camming is a HUGE industry and I knew that I was going to pursue this, I needed to put my all into it. After getting organized and more educated, I decided I was ready to try this again. My 2nd show compared to my first show was like day and night. SO MUCH BETTER! So much better in sooo many aspects.. more enjoyable, more private shows, more customers, more viewers, and I was so much more comfortable and happy. My customers noticed that I had a smile on my face and was clearly enjoying being on camera and that turned everything around. Who wants to watch or pursue a model who is quiet, uncomfortable, shy, and literally has “amateur” written on her face? NOBODY! I had so much fun and delivered a higher quality service due to my up-beat, fun, happy, and spontaneous attitude because that made my customers feel good… its kind of like a domino effect, a happy/high quality model, happy and satisfied customers. So with that being said, I found my character and the structure of how I wanted to run my shows and perceive myself. What is my “character”? The character that I present on camera is based off of 100% me…with a twist;) I am a sexy, flirtatious, playful, 19 year old college girl who is filled with laughter, and positive vibes. The character I present in my shows is 100% ME:) I think that is the #1 reason why I enjoy my shows so much and have so much fun with it. It just all feels so natural to me because I am being myself 100% and I think that provides a more personal, and genuine service and to me, that bumps the quality of the service wayyyy up. Why? Because its natural, realistic, and true. So after my 2nd show I was 10x more motivated and wanted MORE! I have started to spend as much time as possible with my camming because the more time you put in, the more you get out of it. The perception that some people have on camming is SO wrong and uneducated. I am about to be real here because this is what I have said to EVERYBODY that has given me their shallow, uneducated, and disrespectful opinions. Lol yes I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut 😉 This is what I have told multiple friends, and acquaintances of mine when this topic was brought up. They made the comments like “I think that people who would do that don’t have any morals”, “Are you just doing it for the money?”, “Aren’t you scared to be called a slut?”, “What if someone you knows sees you on there?”, and etc-etc-etc. Common thing to hear from people right? This is my outlook on it and I told them the same thing. First of all, sex is a NATURAL, and BEAUTIFUL thing! I think we can all agree on that, right? 😉 Our bodies and our sexual desires, and sensations are all NATURAL things and were made this way for a reason. How many people in this world do you think masturbate? A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT! lol. What is wrong with interacting, and learning about a variety of people from all over the world while building relationships, exploring each others sexual desires, and pleasing each others desires in a fun, playful, adventurous, and most importantly, PERSONAL experience? NOTHING! That is absolutely no different than people pleasing themselves by watching a porn video on a porn site, or going home with a random person from the bar that you just met. Why would you do that? Because we are all humans who have different sensations, desires, and we seek other humans to satisfy those needs and desires. There is nothing wrong with that.. in my opinion;) I often wonder why the society that we live in today has put such a horrible light on adult filming, camming, and even sex in general. I mean if you think about it, we were literally made for this shit. EMBRACE IT! lol. Personally I think its a beautiful thing and its like I told them, if the first word that comes to your mind when your hear “cam model” is “slut”, then you have the wrong mind set. Honestly, I guarantee you that 99% of people that put a bad light on the adult industry probably participate in it also by doing the same thing that SO many people do….. use it when we want to satisfy our desires, and please ourselves. There is nothing wrong with it and its completely natural, and BEAUTIFUL! Its a positive thing and honestly, I feel amazing when I know that I just satisfied my customer. Second of all, why would I be scared if someone that I knew in my personal life saw my show? I wouldn’t. I am proud of what I do and if they were to have a negative thing to say about it do you know what I would say? To be honest id be straight up and look at them with my lil attitude and say “Since its so terrible that I am on here, what were you doing on there? LOL. Dude you were pleasing yourself and your needs… be honest….. again, its fucking human nature and honestly, all the models male/female are hot as fuck. If you have spent any time chatting with me then you know that I am a straight-forward person. I am not scared or secretive about my camming at all! I literally called my mom when I first started looking into it and she was fully supportive and gave me a bomb-ass pep talk… my moms my freaking BFF but that’s for another blog in the future. As many of you know, I have an amazing boyfriend of 4+ years and we have a VERY open and honest relationship which is why we have such a successful relationship. He was the first person that I consulted when I was thinking about becoming a cam model and you know what he said? ” I think its a great idea baby, you’re sexy af and you love people so you’ll do really good.” Again, nothing but support. I am a super positive person and I strive on surrounding myself with positive people at all times. To sum it up, life is way to short to fall into the mold of societies “expectations” and to invest your energy into fitting in and caring what the world thinks of you. Everybody is different and everybody likes different things, but just because I have a different opinion or may not agree with what somebody else is doing or saying, I will never criticize, be-little, or put somebody down for it. So all in all, I fucking LOVE being on camera and pleasing people and that will never change so I told them, love me or hate me 😉 I have literally been on this site for like 2 weeks and it has already made such a huge impact on me, seriously. If you have spent time in my room then you definitely know that I am very confident person right? Well yeah of course, cant have this sass and attitude without some confidence, lol. But getting SO many compliments and just genuinely kind words is AMAZING and when I say that I appreciate my customers, that’s an understatement. You may not think that the nice things that you say to m don’t mean a whole lot, but I promise that they mean more than you know. You guys brighten my mood and put a smile on my nice like INSTANTLY! I seriously love you all. The most amazing thing that I have gotten out of this journey that remember is very new, only 2 weeks, is the relationships and bonds that I have developed with people that I have met in my room. I mean I literally talk to some people on a daily basis and believe it or not… its NOT always sexual. I have one person that sends me the kindest, loving, positive, and ,motivational messages EVERY DAY! How amazing is that? You all seriously have such an impact on me and I know that its easy to think that I don’t notice, (especially if there is high volume of traffic in the show) but just know that I do! I never forget any of you and you are all so appreciated. My camming journey has just begun but I have put a lot of thought in how I want my experience, and my journey to be. The #1 most important thing to me is ALWAYS my customers. I want you always to know that you are appreciated, and valued by me and of course, that I LOVE you:) I want to develop a true, and genuine relationship/bond you guys. I am being 100% honest when I say this…⦠you are NOT just a “customer” to me. I want to interact, talk, bond, play, and learn about you 🙂 You’re important to me. I want to take the relationship of “customer and model” to a new level. I want all of you guys to know about me and actually know who you are interacting and investing your time into and that goes for me too! I want to know about who I am interacting with because if you take things to a personal level, everything is intensified and can only go up from there…literally 😉 Likeee I wanna know that your girlfriend pissed you off and you want to relieve your stress by having a hot 19 year old college girl call you daddy and make you cum. I’m a personal, and open person…literally 😉 I just want to satisfy you in more than just sexual ways. I want you to know that I ALWAYS care and that I am ALWAYS here for anything that may be, if you need a bomb-ass orgasm or just need to talk, I am always here 🙂 I also want you to know that you can ask me ANYTHING you want to know and I promise that I will more than likely love telling you because I fucking love to talk, clearly. The only thing that I will not give out is where I live (of course you can know the state), and personal names. The reason I say that is because I want to always ensure EVERYONES safety, and following the site rules/regulations also.Just a little insight on my life:) I have an amazing boyfriend of 4+ years who I have started to build an amazing life and a beautiful family with. I am currently a college student and I am in nursing school pursuing my BSN. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl and I have never changed my mind about what I wanted my career to be. I will have my LPN certification in less than a year and then I will start my RN certification and will complete that in 12 months, and finally I will sart my BSN and be completely done by the time I am 22…. as long as I stay motivated but you guys help me with that;) I wont even lie I LOVE to talk about myself but this blog is already sooo long so I need to shutup, lol. To sum it up, I am just an outgoing, fun, loving, postive, adventurous, sexy, playful, flirtacious, and down to earth girl who loves her fam and strives to be successful. I want to thank all of you that have been welcoming, kind, and have made this experience so amazing and it just started! I love you all :)~If you ever have any questions or anything specific that you want me to blog about just let me know! ~ *XOXO*~ Tayy

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Tayylor Starr: All About Tayy and All of Your Questions....answered :) 3 XXX xxxi Porn

Tayylor Starr: All About Tayy and All of Your Questions....answered :) 4 XXX xxxi Porn

Tayylor Starr: All About Tayy and All of Your Questions....answered :) 5 XXX xxxi Porn