Roxanne Cannes: Chat Not Working

So my chat is still not working so i cannot see anything you type to me. Tech support has been on it and said it was because i needed to update my computer. After spending 6 hours with Microsoft Tech support remotely working on my computer it still doesn’t work.Now it is the weekend and I need to wait until Monday to talk to tech support again.My willing and loving subs should use Flirt SMS with me. I have all weekend and no way to entertain myself again.

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Mallory Knots: After-sex Munchies

Curious if anybody else gets the munchies after a good round of sweaty sex? i always want a snack after a good orgasm, and thats usually when i crave sweets. What about you? Fave snack after cumming? 😉

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Mallory Knots: Sexy Cleaning and Accidental Exhibitionism

I don’t know how you folks like to get chores done, but for me, I like to blast some good EDM, Hip Hop or reggae, strip down to some sexy undies, and dance my house clean. Only problem? I have lots of windows and have caught people outside watching me shake my little booty! I’m not sure if that should embarrass me, but it kinda turns me on

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